Six Flights in Six Days

We're cruising into week two, and it's surreal how seamlessly this has already become part of my weekly routine. I've been told time and time again to start a podcast, launch a blog, dive into TikTok and become a social media guru, and so on. My go-to response was 'I'm swamped already; there's no room to add MORE.' 

The truth is, they were right, but back then, I genuinely believed I was operating at full capacity. My workload felt unsustainable, so the idea of adding more seemed like a cosmic joke. However, what struck me is the power of dual purpose. If something serves more than one role, it has become a no-brainer. Social media felt a bit staged and inauthentic, and I'm willing to bet that vibe comes through the screen...  so this blog series has become my way of 'getting out there' while letting my authentic voice shine through the brand... and it's exciting to get my thoughts on paper! 


So let me paint you the picture of where I’m writing [most of] this weeks' post from. I’m in New Orleans for a group of ladies whom I planned their trip from start to finish. We’ve been working on this trip particularly for a little under a year, and this is a returning customer so I’ve worked with them for about two years now. We are at the greatest restaurant in all of New Orleans, and they are in this historic private room enjoying their four-course meal with 25 of their friends from across the globe. I am sitting back-of-house at a table for one, listening to the chatter of the servers’ crazy weekend plans, clinking silverware, and the jazz band just outside the building. This place is truly nothing short of extraordinary.

Now, the trickiest part of these blog posts is coining a 'catchy' title that lures readers in. But, after hopping on my fifth flight in 30 hours, this week's title materialized. 'Six Flights in Six Days.'

You see, I had this trip scheduled months ago, planning to arrive a few days early for exploration, finalizing details with service providers, and getting geared up for the scheduled festivities starting Thursday. A perfect plan, or so I thought. A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to a meeting that promised to be a melting pot of founders, investors, mentors, business advisors – you name it. I had to be there (more on this next week!) Of course, because plans rarely align perfectly, this meeting was set for Wednesday, the afternoon before the New Orleans program kick-off. I mulled over every possible scenario to avoid the back-and-forth, even entertaining the idea of skipping it altogether. But the more I thought about it, the more it felt like the universe was throwing down a challenge: 'How bad do you want it?' So, I embraced it and bought the flight. I wanted it. 

Since itineraries are fresh on my mind, for context, here's the rundown of these 30-something hours I'm talking about:

5:00 PM Arrive in New Orleans (Flight 1)

4:00 AM Leave for Airport
7:00 AM Land in Dallas (Flight 2)
10:00 AM Land in Phoenix (Flight 3)
1:00 PM The Meeting  
7:00 PM Land in Dallas (Flight 4)

10:00 AM Land (back) in NOLA (Flight 5)
11:00 AM First of (3) meetings
4:00 PM Program Starts

Here I am, in the same worn-out clothes from five consecutive flights, utterly drained, overstimulated, and far from feeling fresh... yet somehow, I am supposed to be "ready" to kick off my first program in New Orleans.

I share this story for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, I'm really trying to hone in my storytelling skills, and what better way to do it than to ... tell a story. I also feel the need to underscore that entrepreneurship is anything but glamorous. Sure, there are moments when it might appear that way, but let me tell you, the toughest steps, the ones demanding the most sacrifices, statistically yield the greatest rewards - so those are the ones that us yearning for more, are typically going to take.

The folks spearheading the path for us - the million-billion dollar founders - have all been in these trenches. Overnight flights, 20 hours on the road, sleeping in airports, cars, crashing on friends' couches – the works. So why would I be any different? This is part of the story.

"For the Plot" as the kids would say. 

Now, I do want to say I am grateful for these opportunities, and believe it or not, I'm thankful for the hustle. It signifies how many opportunities are swirling around me, and I never want to stop welcoming them into my life. So now, I pack up and head back to the airport to catch my sixth flight this week, and gear up for another incredible Monday.. 

Wine in hand,