Attempting to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Hey everyone - welcome to what is undoubtedly one of the most 'out of my comfort zone' moments of my life. In my recent conversations with peers, mentors, friends, family, and aspiring entrepreneurs alike - I've noticed a genuine interest not only in Plan Voyage, but it's story. So, I'm here to share the ins, outs, successes, failures, and everything in between about the journey of building this company.


No matter where they're at in their journey, founders will stress the importance of having a clear understanding of the What, Why, and How of your venture. This is also known as the Golden Circle and, transparently, I've found myself grappling with the 'How'.

My 'What' is something that I, along with the amazing support network of friends, family, and mentors, have been refining over the past three years. In short, we're crafting a technology driven SAAS platform designed to streamline the entire event planning process from RFP to Execution. Essentially, we're establishing a community of efficiency within the hospitality industry, aiming to alleviate stress, chaos, and costly turnover. Simple, right? 

Now, my 'Why' is just as pivotal in this narrative. Why would I take on a systemic inefficiency that spans an entire industry? Why would I choose to insert myself smack dab in the midst of what some might argue is the most frenetic field? Well, in a nutshell - a Passion for People. And before you cringe reading that as much as I did writing it, hear me out. 

In college, I worked at a property management office, in recruiting for our collegiate football team, and catering for a fine dining restaurant. To most people, these may seem like vastly different jobs, spanning various industries, and perhaps a bit all over the place. To me, these are all "People" jobs. They each gave me the power to alleviate stress, make someone's job easier, or to simply make someone's day. This - is what I have a passion for - and it became the very foundation of which we built Plan Voyage. 

But here I stand, having taken my standalone 'What' and 'Why' about as far as I can. Now, it's time for the 'How' to fall into place. I'm a firm believer that the path of entrepreneurship isn't a single grand Golden Circle, but rather a multitude of smaller ones - each with its own uniqueness.

The one I find myself in today, as I mentioned earlier, revolves entirely around all of you. If my 'What' is "creating a community," and my 'Why' is centered on "making a difference in peoples' lives", then I must return to the fundamental essence of what this truly entails. How can I achieve this without being vulnerable and sharing my journey with others?

So here I am - learning new tricks - hoping to earn not only your trust in me to build this company, but also your trust in this product to revolutionize the events industry as a whole. I am so green in terms of social outreach (so bear with me!) but I'll be spreading this message across multiple social media platforms, in the hopes of reaching a very diverse group of readers. My goal is to connect with service providers, small business owners, parents, students, fellow founders, and more. This product, and it's mission, have an impact on everyone, and I am so excited to take this leap with all of you.

With vulnerability,